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    Cable TV Solutions

    Providing Cost Effective Cable TV Software Solutions
    that enhance the way people receive and
    enjoy multimedia content.
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    the CE market

    We provide DLNA VidiPath™ solutions.
    Our Linux based turn key solution
    can be used to reduce your time to market.
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    Solution Provider

    We are the best-in-class solutions provider
    and a systems integrator.

Who We Are

Pion Technology is a leading thought company developing innovative consumer products and software solutions for CE devices as well as Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) that will enhance the way people receive, enjoy multimedia content and communicate/interact with each other.

Pion Technology is a leading thought company developing end-to-end software solutions for Service Providers and home network CE devices that will enhance the way people receive and enjoy multimedia content as well as communicate/interact with each other.

In 2012, Pion provided consulting service to CableLabs and Dr. Chiang, on behalf of CableLabs, started to chair several Task Forces under Technical Committee and Compliance and Test Committee in Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA). His objective in DLNA is to develop for home networked CE devices the standards for advanced features, Commercial Video Profile (CVP-2, later known as VidiPath™), that are endorsed by Cable Operators to meet FCC’s mandate for home network output port. He received two Outstanding Contribution Awards, respectively for 2012 and 2013, from Digital Living Network Alliance for driving the development of CVP-2 (VidiPath™) Guidelines and the associated certification programs.

Pion, short for pi meson, is one of the elementary particles that participate in strong nuclear force that pulls nucleons together.

As a metaphor, Pion Technology is chartered to develop products/technologies that will strongly bind people, especially family members, together, hence the name of the company.

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